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It is no secret that the Covid-19 has heavily affected the world’s economy. While many businesses struggle to survive, Transfer Fresh has entered into the produce trading industry to create a positive change. A family-owned venture with a highly experienced team, Transfer Fresh is led by Nausheen Mirza and Tanneke Sophia Von Burg and aims to provide jobs and support locals during these times. One of the missions for this fresh fruits and vegetable supplying business is to ensure equal opportunity to the farmers who often are neglected and sometimes exploited because of their lack of understanding and exposure to the trading world.

Transfer Fresh has taken the initiative to help these farmers bridge the cultural difference and open the world of possibilities for them by assuring ethical-sourcing in the company. Transfer Fresh’s goal is to have the whole world taste the rich flavours of nature and make the year-round supply of high-quality fresh produce a reality. The company commits to timely delivery fruits and vegetables sourced from India, Europe, and Egypt.

The company mostly supplies a wide variety of grapes. From Thompson and Sonaka White Seedless to Sharad Black and Flame Red Seedless, the Indian growers ensure the vines thrive in the optimal atmosphere. From Egypt, they have the Superior white and Flame red Seedless varieties. The grapes are collected with extreme care and then packed in a hygienic and safe environment. Transfer Fresh’s utmost priority is that the consumer experience these fruits, as they were picked just off the vines by themselves.

Acknowledging that excellent customer service is equally critical as a quality product, the management has designed their goals accordingly. By providing a superior customer service experience, timely communication, and ensuring mutual respect towards the stakeholders, Transfer Fresh aims to build lifelong connections with its customers, creating an overall enhanced purchasing experience.

The company’s Vice President, Nausheen Mirza, said they are excited to announce that they plan to expand very soon. According to her, they are “looking forward to creating valuable, long-term relationships with their quality products, competitive pricing, and the excellent customer services.”

Transfer Fresh is currently open to expand its horizon in the industry and hope to make a positive impact. The co-founders recognize these are critical times for the economy. However, they are optimistic for their future due to the value they bring with their product and services and look forward to empowering and providing equal opportunity to farmers worldwide.

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