Our Indian grapes come from the Nashik Region in Maharashtra which is the “Grape Capital of India” well known for their high quality grapes .Nashik district is the largest grapes producing area in India, its perfect climatic conditions promote to grow grapes which are high in sweetness, nutritional value, freshness, colours and sizes.The season begins in the end of January until April. Our pack-house in India works in a very hygienic and clean environment and we use strict health and food safety measures for our Packaging.

We also supply high Quality Grapes from Egypt from May to October . Below are the specifications .


Our Grape Seasons

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Pouches 4,5kg – Thompson/ Sonaka white Seedless
Punnets 5 kg Thompson/ Sonaka white seedless
Mix punnets 5 kg ( Flame red & Thompson White)
Mix punnets 5 kg ( Black Sharad & Thompson White)

Pouches 4,5kg – Superior white Seedless / Flame Red Seedless
Punnets 5 kg Superior white Seedless / Flame Red Seedless
Mix punnets 5 kg ( Superior white & Flame Red)

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Quality is more than our business. It’s our passion. We pursue quality in everything we do. We strive to produce and deliver Quality products , and we’ve made a commitment to keep improving every day.


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