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About Us

International Team

Transfer Fresh is an experienced Agro based Team of Grower, Packer, Importer as well as Exporter in the Netherlands, India, Saudi Arabia and Egypt mainly in fresh fruits and vegetables. With passion in our hearts and living in different regions, we want to supply Quality products all year round across the globe.

We would like to leverage the infrastructure potential of Netherlands in increasing the export of our products globally – logistics, shipping, sorting techniques etc to reach the world in the most effective and best price available of fresh farm quality so you can serve the needs of your unmet customers better. Having an integrated supply we definitely have advantage be it quality, price or efficiency as we guarantee the product from field to fork .

Our Speciality is Onions, Grapes and Pomegranates from Europe,India and Egypt all year round. We also offer Mangoes and Dates during the seasons.

We possess all the necessary European certifications for our farms and Pack-house.

Our Mission:

“Farmers First”

We believe in fair trade. We are also committed to more sustainable production and processing. We aim at ethical sourcing of our products.

Our Vision:

“Excellence is never an Accident; is is the result of High Intention,Sincere Effort ,Intelligent Direction, Skilful Execution and the vision to see obstacles as Opportunities”

We aim At Excellence

Acknowledging that excellent customer service is equally critical as a quality product, the management has designed their goals accordingly. By providing a superior customer service experience, timely communication, and ensuring mutual respect towards the stakeholders, Transfer Fresh aims to build lifelong connections with its customers, creating an overall enhanced purchasing experience.